Our Story

About Us

At ENOVA, we create environments that inspire efficiency, creativity and innovation.

ENOVA Contracting and Trading LLC is a company specializing in providing Warehouse and Material Handling Service, Construction Services, supplying industrial Construction Materials and Supply, Rent Blast Resistance Buildings. Our company operates through strategic business collaborations in a wide range of products and services to create a great value to our Customers.

Our Managers and Staff are highly experienced and well trained in their fields of work. We are proud of our reputation for Commitment, Reliability, Quality and Safe delivery of projects, on schedule and within budget.

ENOVA fosters a corporate culture that promotes strategic planning and innovation, where dedication to providing the highest quality of work and total commitment to our Customers is the top priority.

Corporate Philosophy


To be a preferred Contractor, Service Provider, Supplier of Industrial Construction Materials and Human Resource Services to the Oil& Gas Sector in the State of Qatar. A Company that our Customers like to work with and our employees are proud to work for.


To earn our Customers’ confidence and satisfaction by

  • Executing projects and rendering services with high levels of efficiency, cost effectiveness, Safety, Quality and Transparency,
  • Adapting and harnessing the latest technologies in our operations to enhance our competitive edge in the market,
  • Pursue high levels of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility by being a responsible entity in the local areas and society that we operate and respecting and upholding the local laws and customs,
  • By practicing fairness, openness, meritocracy equality and human touch in dealing with our employees and training/rewarding them during their tenures and
  • By upholding the basic Human Rights principles in dealing with our employees whom we consider as our most important Assets.


Our guiding Values to achieve our Mission are:

  • Safety

    We are committed to Zero Accidents in every project that we undertake. A strong ‘safety culture’ is one of the pillars of our organization. We like to safeguard our employees, our Customers, the public and the environment.

  • Quality

    At ENOVA, we believe that Quality is everyone’s responsibility and it is another important pillar of our organization. We would like to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering consistently high quality of products and services.

  • Honesty & Integrity

    We are strongly committed to honesty and integrity in our operations in all situations. We deliver what we promise and practice what we say.

  • Loyalty

    We expect our employees to be loyal to the company and we reward loyalty to the organization.

  • Teamwork

    We strongly believe in working as a team and collaboration with our customers, to align and achieve our mutual goals, with purpose and efficiency.

  • Human Rights

    We respect and uphold human rights in our organization and we do not tolerate any discrimination. We are guided by compassion and empathy in dealing with our employees and we consider as our most important asset.

  • Training & Development

    We strongly believe in continual improvement of the skills and knowledge of our employees by providing them training and learning opportunities during their tenure in the organization.

Our Accreditations

ENOVA is accredited and certified to globally recognize standards. All our products and services are delivered in conjunction with stringent quality and HSE practices, thereby providing our customers with the highest levels of assurance and confidence in ENOVA.

Our international accreditations are listed below.

Our Partners

ENOVA partners with leading local and international companies in their mission to deliver quality and cost effective products/services. We continually strive to enhance/increase our partnerships in our pursuit of creating Value for our Customers.